Position the Gers as a location for businesses in the aeronautics sector


Enhance the ecosystem of aeronautical companies in the Gers and promote the one-stop shop of the CCI to facilitate the establishment of aeronautical companies in the department.


As a rural department, the Gers benefits from two major assets for this sector: a significant land reserve which interests space-intensive aeronautical companies, and a privileged geographical location, in the immediate vicinity of Toulouse, a major center of the aeronautics and space sector. The second industrial sector behind the food industry, aeronautics is experiencing significant development in the Gers thanks to numerous land opportunities and privileged support for local authorities.
To structure the approach and affirm this positioning, we have created an identity for the Gers aeronautical sector and created the department’s aeronautical industry forum: Aérogers. In continuity, the Aérogers club of Gers subcontracting companies in the aeronautics sector and the Aérogers campus dedicated to aeronautical and airport professions were created.