Culture & Communication

Provoking the senses, soliciting emotions, invoking the imagination are the leitmotifs of R2B.

We support public actors in the design and production of cultural policies and tourism promotion, and private actors in the definition and production of communication strategie.

R2B awakens the senses, arouses emotions and inspires the imagination. By creating engaging communication methods, producing outstanding festive events and leading unique artistic explorations, it gives spectators unrivaled experiences. And its expertise has been praised: for over fifteen years, Jean-Michel Jarre, the world-renowned electronic musician famous for his shows, has chosen to work with R2B for his events all over the globe.

With our ability to transform strategy into working solutions, we create high-impact forms of communication so that clients enjoy unforgettable moments.

We share this recognized know-how through an international network of partners to provide a tailor-made service.

An international reach in more than 50 countries

As a producer of reference events, we wish to establish a real partnership with our clients in order to share our creativity and our international professional experience. From the Forbidden City in China, to the Medina of Fez in Morocco or the region of Al Ula in Saudi Arabia and the ancient theater of Carthage in Tunisia to name a few, R2B has deployed since its creation ambitious projects internationally and in more than ten sites classified by UNESCO.

A sign of recognized expertise, Jean-Michel Jarre has chosen R2B as the producer of his concerts and tailor-made events around the world.

« The singularity of R2B from the start: an exploration of technological innovations at the service of artistic creation. Romain Bilowus, Associate Executive Director. »
Romain Bilowus
Associate Executive Director
« Cultural productions of R2B are at the service of the economic development of the territories. »
Marie José Blancart
Administrative and Financial Director
« Our ambition: to bring all our know-how to the design and production of cultural offerings. »
Olivier Vadrot
Production Manager
« Inscribing our cultural productions in their environments allows us to promote the territories. »
Laurent Gonzalez
Creative Director

One team, many talents

The R2B agile and adaptative organization provides a tailor-made response to customer needs by adapting our level of expertise and the specialized skills mobilized according to projects requirements.

To do this, we provide you with our team of experts made up of multicultural profiles and talented specialists, each in their respective fields.

The singular productions of R2B led them to work together in the spirit of a family of professionals and in the sharing of knowledge and networks of each; this with the sole common goal of giving the best.