In a global context of the Covid-19 pandemic, celebrate the transition to the new year in an innovative and festive way.


“Welcome to the other side” is a virtual concert whose ambition, beyond celebrating the transition to the new year in a festive way, is to send a message of hope for 2021 by paying tribute to this jewel of universal heritage, what Notre Dame is and by repositioning Paris as the world’s leading tourist destination.


IIn partnership with the City of Paris, and under the patronage of UNESCO, “Welcome to the other side” is an invitation to go to the other side of the mirror and to travel from the physical to the virtual world.
Notre-Dame has a unique place in the collective imagination and remains a symbol of the strength of the world heritage which binds us to each other more than ever.
“Welcome to the other side” was also an opportunity to explore, in these complicated times for performing arts, new ways of sharing musical and scenic creations in another way, thanks to new immersive techniques. Social virtual reality also makes it possible to participate together in an event for everyone, wherever they are, as well as people who are geographically or socially isolated. In front of more than 75 million spectators around the world, Jean-Michel Jarre performed live from a studio at the same time as his avatar who was playing inside the virtual cathedral.