Strengthen the attractiveness of the city of Nîmes, nicknamed the “French Rome”


Mission Our mission was to design and produce a live cultural and historical spectacle, the largest historical reconstruction on Antiquity in Europe, in the arenas of Nîmes


Nicknamed the “French Rome”, Nîmes has the best preserved Roman monuments in the world. This exceptional heritage offers an ideal setting for a week of celebrations throughout the city, punctuated by numerous activities: conferences, shows, markets, guided tours, parades, Roman ceremony and workshops.
In 122 AD, the Emperor Hadrian was passing through Nîmes and on this occasion offered shows telling the story of the Roman Empire. 1900 years later, the show “Hadrian, the war of the Picts” evokes the battles led by the Romans in the north of the British Isles and the construction of Hadrian’s Wall. For more than 2 hours of spectacle, we follow the Emperor Hadrian between Rome and Brittany. In this distant province, the emperor had a wall built before our eyes that still bears his name today, Hadrian’s Wall, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.