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For several years, R2B has been producing turnkey theme shows.

The duration and content of these creations depend on the venue, the topic of the event (environment, education, science and technology, history, art and culture, etc.) and the client and their regional marketing strategy.

Outside in

A creation in which the traveler sets out to discover different subjects through a succession of paintings and strong themes.

Views on the world

A show open to the world, with a curious eye in order to enrich itself with the beauties that compose it.

The Diamond

Like a jewel in front of the spectators, this show explores the characteristics of a country, a culture, a common identity.

City of Lights

because human beings have always innovated over the centuries, we have designed this show as a journey to discover the men and women who innovate and shape the identity of your country.

The Pearl

A metaphor of life through this spectacle of the pearl, from birth to its culture to then be sublimated by a jewel. So much imagination that allows many messages to be conveyed.

The Astrolabe

This show inspired by the astronomical observation instrument, invites the viewer on a journey, where realism rubs shoulders with the imaginary.

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