In a context of confinement and the Covid-19 pandemic, define a new standard for live performances during the Fête de la Musique.


Produce a world premiere live concert in virtual reality performed by Jean-Michel JARRE


First virtual Live show given by an artist’s avatar and broadcast in virtual reality, “Alone Together” lays the foundations for a new form of performance.
In partnership with the Ministry of Culture, the concert “Alone Together” marks a turning point in the broadcasting of live concerts by being the first live virtual show given by the avatar of an artist and broadcast in virtual reality.
Visible worldwide on the VRChat platform and on streaming sites, the avatar of Jean-Michel JARRE performed in front of a virtual audience made up of avatars. Thanks to social virtual reality, they were able to chat with each other and interact with the artist. The participants gathered at the Palais Royal in Paris were represented by their avatars in a virtual auditorium totally created for this event.
This Live virtual reality concert offered by the avatar of Jean-Michel JARRE was a World Premiere seen by more than 1.2 million spectators around the world.