LivR application

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GALERIE 4 1 LivR interface
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Today with LivR, R2B puts its expertise at the service of artists, producers and festivals in order to offer new growth levers and quickly offer spectators a new Live experience thanks to augmented reality, livestream and virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

Offer a unique experience of the physical live performance thanks to augmented reality by integrating 3D artistic effects visible from spectators' smartphones present at the show: synchronized and geolocated 3D virtual animations and effects.


Broadcast your events with enhanced features for viewers from their homes: binaural or spatialized sound localized according to the camera point, multi-camera choice, emoticon reactions, exclusive video content.

Virtual Reality

Create and broadcast a show in virtual reality in a dedicated metaverse, with the possibility of choosing the digital doubles of concert halls or festivals: scenography, staging, virtual lighting, 3D animations and effects, sound spatialization, multi -cameras…

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